Feeding the Front-Lines

Welcome to Community Cafe’s pay-it-forward program! Thank you to all the wonderful people who have donated ever since the early days of the COVID pandemic in March. You all continue to help us keep our kitchen open, while also feeding those in need!

We know times are tough for a lot of us, but if you’re able and interested in donating to this program, we have two ways!

  1. You can purchase a digital gift certificate here and put our email (communitycafestpete@gmail.com) as the recipient.
  2. Or you can use our new donation section through our digital ordering!

Then we match that donation and bring delicious, healthy food to health-care workers and other front-line workers to help nourish their bodies and spirits!

Scroll down to see photos of some of the meals we’ve brought so far.

Thank you for supporting Community Cafe and our community’s front-line workers!