Become a Community Cafe Member: All members receive the following exciting perks!


Voting privileges: Make sure your voice is heard! Whenever we’re rolling out new ideas for the cafe, we’re putting them out to vote by the community. Members have selected all of our art themes, named many of our specials, and even picked out the paint color for our walls!

Free dessert Fridays: Congratulations! You made it through the week. You deserve a treat! Just show your membership card and pick out any dessert you’d like, every single Friday!

Weekend Warm-Up: Buy 1 Get 1 FREE beer and wine only for members during our happy hour 6pm to 9pm every Friday and Saturday!

Collaborative scrapbook: Anyone can do a mini page in our community scrapbook, but only members get to do a full page of whatever they want! Their cats, their business, their hobbies – all of it is a part of our community.

Lending library access: Patrons can always read a book while they drink coffee, but only members can check out books and dvds from our lending library.

Got any other ideas for us to add? That’s the beauty of a collaborative cafe!

Rockstar Membership
Rockstars get all of the above PLUS:

10% off all food and drink
Four free cups of brewed coffee or tea per month!

Monthly Rockstar Membership: $20
Discounted yearly membership: $180

Superstar Membership
Superstars get all of the above PLUS:

20% off all food and drink
Four free beverages of your choice per month!

Monthly Superstar Membership: $40
Discounted yearly membership: $360

Stop by Community Cafe or email us to learn more or to sign up!