Visit Us! Whether in person or online, here’s the info to connect with us:

Visit us at our weekend pop-ups
inside Allendale UMC at
3803 Haines Rd N
St Petersburg FL 33703


11am – 11pm
11am – 11pm
11am – 11pm

Then make sure to visit us in early 2021 at our new permanent location at 1055 4th Street South, as part of the new St Pete Community Oasis

Employment Opportunities

Would you make an excellent cafe employee? We’ll always take applications to keep on file even if we’re not currently hiring. If you seem like you’d be a great fit, we’ll find a weekly shift to add you on, with more shifts available in the future! Fill out the app and bring it in, or email it to

Application for Employment PDF

Or you may fill out our online form:

Personal Information





Availability and Preferences

Please list your availability and/or restrictions, including other jobs, school schedule, and other commitments. Also list the approximate hours per week you would like.

Mondays (open hours are 11am to midnight):

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Experience and Job History

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Reason for leaving:

Previous employer:

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Reason for leaving:

Previous employer:

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Please list two work-related references and their contact information.


Phone number:


Phone number:

Who You Are

Why do you want this job? What attracts you to Community Cafe? How did you hear about us?

Are you a vegetarian or interested in healthy eating?

Do you have experience cooking anything veg-friendly? (at home, for friends, in restaurants?)

What is your barista experience? Cashier? Waiting tables? Other customer service?

Have you ever witnessed a coworker stealing? What did you do?

Please describe an example of showing initiative at a previous job.

How long have you lived in St. Pete? What do you enjoy about it?

How often do you attend events involving the local community, art, or music?

What will make you a great employee and asset to Community Cafe?

If you would like to upload a resume, you may, but we will not consider applications that haven't answered the personality questions above.